Architectural Roofing Shingles

Architectural shingles in CharlotteThere are numerous details that factor into style and general appearance of your home. In days gone by, your roof was not built to add to the beauty, but that is all changed with the advent of architectural roofing shingles. These new roof shingles have garnered the type of wide approval that indicates they will be one the market for many years to come, and have quickly risen to the pinnacle of today’s roofing market. An increasing number of home owners have become familiar with the integration of architectural roofing shingles, but some are still in the dark. On the chance that you are not familiar with the long life and the beauty that is provided by this roofing material, you should read on below for more useful content.

Architectural shingles are not the same as regular asphalt shingles due to their layout and design. The primary difference is that these shingles offer a layered appearance, giving them an added aspect of dimensionality. This new idea and design has changed shingled roofing from a material that only covers your roof to a characteristic that enhances the overall design of your home. Architectural shingles have a striking look that’s ideal for upscale homes, and also for people with more modest houses that are still hoping to use the outside of their home to make a fashion statement. This branch away from regular roofing shingles has brought about a new market niche in roofing that has blown up in consumer popularity.

What Are Architectural Shingles Made Out Of?
Like other roofing options, architectural roofing shingles can be obtained in numerous styles. But in spite of their differing appearance, most are built from ceramic-coated bits and a substantial mat base of fiber glass. These ceramic bits – granules – are carefully added in to the asphalt, to enhance the water resistant material. Another choice for these type of shingles is manufactured slate.

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