Tiled Roofing

Tile roof in Charlotte NCThe choice of home shingles can be a very important one even though people rarely think about their shingles unless they are selecting new ones or the old ones need repairs. The choice can impact the cost, durability, and life of your roof.

Are There Drawbacks To Selecting Tile Shingles?
It might be helpful to consider some drawbacks of tile shingles first. These include the following:

— Tile shingles cost more than typical asphalt shingles. They cost more to buy and to install.
— They are also somewhat heavier, so that might be a consideration if weight is a factor.
— When it rains or hails, tile shingles might be a bit noisier than other types of synthetic shingles.

Those are the main drawbacks, but there are also of plenty of advantages of using tile shingles. For one thing, tile shingles look very nice, and that is particularly true on many types of custom homes. You might also expect tile shingles to be very durable and last longer than synthetic shingles. Even though tile shingles may cost more than synthetic shingles, the longer life may actually even things out if you plan to stay in your home for many years.

Even if you don’t plan to stay in your home, you might consider the market value. Typically, the increased value of your tile shingles, and the fact that they look nice, could make your home more attractive and valuable to buyers. This means you could recoup some of your extra investment when you sell.

Your next consideration might be safety. Tile shingles may be made from actual cast clay, and this can be fireproof. Your roof may not be as susceptible to catching on fire if you add tile shingles. In some cases, this might even reduce your insurance premium. In any case, it is a consideration if you live in an area where fires are very common. House fires often get started because of sparks hitting roofs, and you should not have this problem.

Should You Replace Your Synthetic Shingles with Tile?
Your main consideration, beside the cost, might be the weight. As a good roofing contractor if your house will need extra reinforcement to bear the weight of tile shingles. If you need to repair your roof because of damage, it might be a good time to consider an upgrade. The cost of that upgrade depends on many different factors. Your Charlotte roof repair specialists can provide you with more details on the varied tiled roofing options when you give them a call.

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